Get Out of Your Own Head...
Have you ever tried to not complain about something or someone for 24 hours? Try it. It's not easy but it should help you see things in a different light. Let's face it, we all like to complain (even me) if it's not about the weather it’s about a TV show, co-worker, article we read, government official or something else we literally have no control over. 

There’s a reason why it seems everyone in the whole world is struggling to reclaim the course of their own life, it all boils down to managing our own expectations.

Complaints are negative thoughts and guess what, if you are negative all of a sudden everything around you becomes negative. Let's say it starts with waking up and it's raining. Can you control it? No! Can you control your attitude? Yes! Think of positive things, I know this would be hard in a place where it rains most of the year, but I have seen those places and they are beautiful year round, not dry and ugly with blow sand blowing through your window if you leave it open or carried in with your shoes, clothing etc. 

Let's not coddle ourselves or beat around the bush, we have the choice to do something about it. It's all up to us! I'll give an example - I have stated to my lovely wife I was going to clean my office now for almost 3 months (if not longer) so why is that? Why haven't I done it? It is because "I" chose not to do it. Why is that? Is it because I'm lazy or it would take too long or something else? The power to act and do is entirely up to us. 

So how do you start? About 4-5 months ago my wife came home from a meeting about building schedules in our life and how real successful people have every minute if every day lined out and know what they are going to do and accomplish. So, I took the task to hand and built a half day schedule. And guess what happened, out of the past 4-5 months I did relax a little about month 3, but because I had set the schedule, I quickly realized I was messing up my life and attitude no one else. Heck no one cared if I do it or even knows I do, but I know, and that's what matters most, I also realized my time was not being spent wisely again, my body was starting to ache again because of not exercising. Set a half a day of goals right now and accomplish it daily.

Who you hang out with will affect you! I remember years ago a teacher stating that he could see the change in a student within weeks by who they started to hang out with. This is your choice especially if you are following negative people in social media or hanging out with them in real life. I get it some will say "I'm trying to help them." First off how can you help them if you yourself are not strong. I will always try to help but I have learned real fast you need to see that they truly want to help themselves first or they will pull you down as well. Drama will pull you down quickly. You can ask those around me if I do drama. I don't! To me I see it as the biggest waste of time. To see hundreds even thousands of people complain somewhere on FB that they wish there was a certain store in town or certain restaurant in town or... tells me right away "RUN Forrest"! What a waste of valuable time. The time spent here could have #1 been put to better use of doing something that matters in your life and #2 it brings your attitude down. 
If you want to see a major shift in your life do service for others. It is amazing how you feel and it’s a crucial way to get out of your head.  If you constantly think about your own benefit and analyze every single thing you do or don’t do, things are only going to get more complicated and difficult. But taking care of another soul can be an amazing way to experience responsibility and recognize your own skill to make a difference in someone else’s life. 
One of the biggest problems our society as a whole has been the fact that we’re constantly looking for external sources of happiness. Sadly, this is also a rather difficult habit to break. But precisely because it’s so difficult, you don’t have to force yourself to completely eradicate it. For instance, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to something nice every once in a while, be it a weekend trip, new clothes/accessories, a meal in a fancy restaurant, and so on. Start thinking how I can change my life for the better. Happiness always lies within. Listen to your inner voice.
Do things YOU enjoy doing. That's a great place to leap from. Relax and enjoy the things that make your heart happy. Will there be negative emotions and times? Absolutely! Immerse your time and thinking into something that can bring you out of it. I was riding a very high wave about 4 years ago when the rug got pulled out from underneath me once again. Honestly, I don't know how I could have done it if not from my wife who kept faith in me and the song from Kenney Chesney - Everything's Gonna Be Alright. My wife has a favorite song as well that helps her at times by Rodney Atkins - If You’re Going Through Hell. 

Today is the day! There is no time like the present to start on a better path for yourself and those around you. You got this go make it happen. 

 Marvin Ray


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