Aligning Repair Shops with Technicians Thirsting for an Owner that Values their Skills and Knowledge
We at Mechanic Alliance Foundation align great auto repair shops that take care of their team members with today's skilled and knowledgeable technicians that are thirsting for more knowledge and support from their industry. 

We interview and validate each shop owner and technician to make sure they are who they say they are. 

We would never have you hire a technician we ourselves would never hire, likewise we would never send a technician to a shop that we would never work for ourselves. This has taken time on our end to make sure that both owners and technicians are truly of a higher caliber. 

We have spent the last two years building our technician base to now offer shop owners qualified technicians for a one-time cost. 

We are not going to lie like other companies out there, if you are looking for that A+ tech it will take a lot of time and the right circumstances to help you achieve that. However, if you are willing to bring a solid tech up to that A+ tech position we can help you find them and help you train them to become that technician.

Technicians - There is no cost to you. We do however ask you to donate while we help you through the process of finding that great shop owner who values your knowledge and skills.

Owners - There is a one-time cost of $850 per shop ($1,200 normal price) to become part of our Certified Mechanic Repair Shop Lifetime Program. Your information will be posted for life, to be sent out on a continually basis throughout the following days, weeks, months, and years ahead. We know from owning repair shops ourselves that you should always be looking for good help.

There has been a large shortage of skilled technicians in the automotive industry for many years now. we are seeing less shops start up due to city regulations and the cost of brick and mortar. 

This issue in our industry is of catastrophic proportions. If you are interested to talk as a shop owner or as a technician Contact Us here.

Here are several reasons why this catastrophic exodus is happening:
  1. Aging workforce: Many mechanics are reaching retirement age, and there are not enough younger technicians to replace them. This is partly due to a lack of interest among young people in pursuing a career as a technician.
  2. Technological advances: The increasing complexity of modern cars means that technicians need to be highly skilled and constantly updating their knowledge. Some technicians may feel overwhelmed by the rapid pace of technological change and choose to leave the industry.
  3. Working conditions: Some technicians may find the physical demands of the job to be too strenuous, or may be dissatisfied with their working conditions, such as low pay or long hours.
  4. Competition from other industries: As the economy changes, there may be more lucrative job opportunities in other industries that attract skilled workers away from the automotive industry.
To address this shortage, some employers are offering incentives to attract and retain skilled mechanics, such as higher pay, better working conditions, and training programs. Additionally, there is a growing need for training programs to attract and prepare younger people for careers in mechanics, and to ensure that they have the skills needed to meet the demands of the industry.


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