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What is the Mechanic Alliance Foundation?
Mechanic Alliance Foundation was started to give mechanics the chance to put their skills to work in doing what they love most, “Working on cars.”

There are over 800,000 mechanics working in the US., the Mechanic Alliance Foundation is driven to ensure that good mechanics get the respect and wages that they deserve.

We help and support our members with short, to-the-point training courses, along with one-on-one coaching. We provide scholarships for school, tools, and more. We provide mentorship programs for mechanics and shops.

We have already helped thousands of mechanics build a better living for themselves and their families. Mechanic Alliance Foundation (MAF) would be honored in helping you. 

Join Today! — and let’s get started on your brighter future.

What Mechanic Alliance IS Not!
Mechanic Alliance Foundation is not a union. There are no dues or fees deducted from your paycheck.
The best mechanics should get a bigger piece of the pie! MAF supports the right of good mechanics to negotiate their own pay and benefits based on their experience and talents.

Mechanic Alliance Foundation is a nonprofit business. MAF seeks to provide a broad spectrum of services, helping good mechanics become great mechanics who are properly rewarded for their efforts.

Mechanic Alliance Foundation is not “Technicians” Alliance. Yes, we realize that many of the absolute best and brightest mechanics have earned ASE Master Technician status. Furthermore, MAF supports ASE testing and Certification.

However, somewhere along the line, our industry started applying the term “technician” to anyone who works on cars, simply because vehicles are technical by design.
Being a true mechanic is a proud station in life. Mechanics are artisans who typically have a deep understanding of forces and motion. This natural understanding, something you have deep inside, was not learned in trade school or on the job.

The best mechanics “just get it”, and it helps us diagnose and fix anything and everything, especially the complex vehicles we work on for a living.
The term mechanic is a shortened form of mechanical engineer. Some say the first automobile mechanic was German Engineer Karl Benz, because he is credited with building—and professionally repairing, the first automobile.

I'm In! What Does it Cost to Become Part of The Mechanic Alliance Foundation?
Mechanic Alliance Foundation is working towards our training products and help being free with discounts to outside services.  

With MAF you have access to training modules as well as access to Marv, Dave and the team that will give you the assistance you need to complete your goals!

How Do I Become a DONOR Partner?
Mechanic Alliance Foundation is always seeking donations. To be involved and learn about one of the largest paradigm shifts in the automotive repair industry today. The technicians that work with MAF are gaining momentum in the industry through better wages or a better shop.

How Do I Become a Vendor Partner?
We are always looking for Approved Vendors who want to become involved with the over 800,000 automotive technicians across the nation. To learn about the available levels of vendor partnerships Contact Us 

What Types of Training Does MAF Offer?
There are more than enough technical training opportunities available to all mechanics. What most mechanics want, and desire is training that helps them grow their opportunities.   

MAF usually starts with helping you polish your resume and interviewing skills.  From there, move on to learning business skills, maybe how to read a profit and loss statement. Then, on to managing people and shops. MAF offers you a training path to continued success throughout your career.  Contact Us 

Can MA Help Me Get Better Wages and Benefits?
Yes! It is time for technicians to take a stand get paid their worth. That being stated you need to training and ability to produce for a shop to pay well. They are out there. Lets us help you find one today. 

We can help you prepare a plan for earning more where you currently work or at a shop with better opportunities. Contact Us now to discuss the possibilities.

Why Should I Help Spread the Word About MAF?
Many voices speak louder than one; and, with enough voices, we can take action.   The faster membership grows the faster we can change the industry. Now, in these uncertain economic times, we have a fantastic opportunity to change things for the better. Join Today Mechanic Alliance Foundation and spread the word!

How Can I Help Spread the Word About MAF?
Talk about it! “It” means all the concerns you have about how poorly mechanics are treated and how there is finally a group doing something about it!  Tell every mechanic you know.  Talk about it in training classes and wherever mechanics gather.

Always be reppin’ your Mechanic Alliance Foundation gear – and talk about it when people ask you about what it represents. Put our stickers on your toolbox, car, truck, bike, boats, and ATVs. Use our keychain.

Talk about it loud enough for shop management to hear!   Some shop owners will get on board, others may change enough to make your life a little better, at least.
Interact with our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Invite everyone to Like and Follow Mechanic Alliance.

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