Mechanic Alliance Foundation Case Study #1
Roanoke VA – An Army veteran had gone to work for a local independent auto repair facility. He worked his way up to the lead technician role and the top producer in the shop. He wanted more for his family and himself, so he started a 5-year plan to open his own shop.

He contacted MECHANIC ALLIANCE FOUNDATION (MAF) to help him build a business plan with the goal of ownership within 5 years. The owner of the shop where he was working found out about the plan and, long story short, the owner fired him. All of sudden the 5-year plan became a 5-day plan.

Together with MAF a truck and his last paycheck MAF built a plan that included potential customer, the marketing plan, the income targets. Within a week he was operating his own mobile auto repair business. The first 6 weeks were a struggle. There were many calls to MAF where he expressed concern about his decisions and fear that he would never make. The staff at MAF continued to encourage him and provided recommendations on how to drive business to him. Within the first 3 months he was making more money that he did as a lead tech, his family is much better now that he has control over his schedule. 9 months later he was able to take most of the month of December off and still have money to meet his family’s needs. 2 years later he has a loyal customer base that love the service that he provides and is looking to add a brick and mortar facility that will be supported by his mobile business

This is just one example of how MAF is meeting the mission of improving the life of the technician and owner while changing the public’s perception of the auto repair industry,


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