Personal Versus Professional Development

Personal Versus Professional Development
If you were to sit down right now and make yourself a list of goals would that list be filled with personal or professional aspirations? Even if you’re someone who flies by the seam of their pants, it’s natural to have dreams and goals. The important factor is that your personal and professional aspirations can coexist for your future success. Education is a common factor between the likelihood of developing both personally and professionally.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
– Benjamin Franklin

The Difference Between Personal and Professional Goals
Professional goals are related to what you want to accomplish with your education and your career. While personal goals are generally more connected with your health, happiness, relationships, and well-being.

Personal Development
Personal goals are often more emotional and feeling-based, yet they may present achievable milestones that can happen in a clear step-by-step path. These types of goals have the ability to cross paths with professional goals as well due to their nature of improving your character, skills and capabilities. Personal goals that improve your career may include things such as leaving for work 10 minutes earlier so you can avoid traffic and start your day with a clearer mind and free from the stress of arriving late. 

Professional Development
Don’t be fooled into thinking that professional development only benefits your employer. Professional development is gaining new skills through continuing education and career training after entering the workforce. Developing professionally can give you the confidence to ask for the raise you feel you deserve, or it can give you the courage to go out and find a shop that does appreciate what you bring to the table. If you’re here, then you’re likely interested in joining or climbing the ladder as a mechanical engineer. Professional development as a mechanic can include taking classes or workshops, or earning a certificate to expand your knowledge. Always keep your eyes peeled for educational opportunities. You can also attend professional or industry-related conferences. Check the Mechanic Alliance site frequently for any upcoming conferences that offer training and networking opportunities. 

Affordable Professional Development Opportunities for 2023
If you are a veteran or transitioning military member looking for professional development opportunities for this year, we recommend signing up for the professional development cohort that is being offered through It’s A Military Life. Join the Mechanic Alliance team for time well spent and grab the Early Bird Pricing of $99 until Jan 31st! What is it? It is an interactive & hands-on six-week course program with one-on-one mentorship covering various topics. Some topics include goal setting, professional/ development plan, workplace etiquette, task/time management, communication, & mentorship! Who is it best for? Military spouses, veterans, and transitioning service members. When and where is it being offered? The professional development cohort program is being offered online. It starts Feb 21, 2023 and it ends Apr 4, 2023. Pay early bird pricing at $99 until Jan 31, 2023, & $125 after that. Registration closes on Wednesday, Feb 15, 2023, at midnight.

Developing Professionally and Personally
When it comes to cost effective education, Mechanic Alliance is leading the way. We are dedicated to providing affordable professional development opportunities. On the Mechanic Alliance website you have the opportunity to join the FREE membership. Joining gives you access to a load of opportunities like free resume writing, discounts on tools, resources for competitive-paying shops in the automotive industry.  Never miss an opportunity to grow! How can we help you grow and reach your personal and professional goals today?