Case Study #2
Arlington IN – A 6-year technician working at a GM dealership had not received a raise since joining the company. During the time that he was there he, on his own, completed most of the training to become GM Master Tech. He felt that his investment of time and money entitled him to a raise but did not know how to approach his management to ask for a raise. So, he contacted MECHANIC ALLIANCE FOUNDATION (MAF) to help him with a strategy to get more pay.

Together with MAF we drafted a letter requesting a meeting with management along with the expectations of the meeting. In addition, MAF discussed what to avoid discussing during that meeting. The meeting was held, and management acknowledged that he was worth more than the $18/hr. they were paying but stated that they could not afford to give a pay raise at the time.

After hearing that there would be no raise, he again reached out to MAF for help. The MAF team wrote a resume for him which resulting in 3 shops showing interest in him. All 3 presented offers. Along with the MAF team we selected the best company and began negotiations with them. Using the MAF strategies he was able to negotiate a rate of $32/hr. and because it was a hour away from his home we negotiated the use of dealership vehicles for the commute. Within a year we were able to bump his pay rate to $50/hr.

This is just one example of how MAF is meeting the mission of improving the life of the technician and owner while changing the public’s perception of the auto repair industry.


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