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Got questions about the industry? We’ve got answers! Email us and lets help you out if you already haven’t. You will learn quickly that our passion is to help those in the auto repair industry that want to help themselves. or ‪(435) 557-0720

We have been at it awhile. Representing mechanics and shop owners across North America. Our team has no quotas except to help the automotive industry.

Here are a few facts about us:
  • We have been in the automotive industry for 40+ years.
  • Owned and operated 5 repair shops – one of which was strictly diagnostics.
  • Tech Rep Snap-on Tools
  • Trained shop owners and mechanics for 14 years with National Automotive Diagnostic Institute of Training.
  • Headed up the national training programs for Big O Tires and Grease Monkey Intl.
We’re specialists who focus all of our time on helping mechanics and repair shops achieve a better way of life. We are here for you every step of the way.
Mechanic Alliance has become the largest and only online advocate for mechanics.

Yours to count on,

Mechanics Alliance


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