Think you multitask well? Set your cell phone timer to 0 and get ready to test yourself. 

Count from 1-5, how long did it take? (Average .75 seconds)
Now read the alphabet A-E. how did that take you? (Average .75 seconds)

You're doing pretty good. Now lets, have you multitask by alternating 1, A, and so on to 5, E. How long did it take you? It should have only been 1.5 seconds, right? Don't feel bad the average time is over 3 seconds. What I learned from this exercise is that I am not as good as I thought on multitasking. 

Every time we take on an additional multitasking event our rate of production drops significantly. Take a look at the bar graphs in the chart:

What I have learned the last three weeks personally is that by re-following a couple of items that I had already learned years ago my time and productivity has once again skyrocketed. I myself have known this for years and at one time followed it properly. Recently my lovely wife went to a seminar that taught this again. When discussing the seminar to me I realized I had fallen off the wagon, so to speak. But I'm BACK!!!

If we want to truly achieve a certain goal or better your job performance, it requires starting with smaller steps. I have taught this in business for decades. I NEVER try to take a business from 65% efficiency to 100% efficiency as that would blow back on me and the business. Instead, what I have done is sit down with the owner and worked out an increase that can be obtained more easily. We all have the same amount of time in our lives as those that are extremely successful. What differentiates us is how we use that same amount of time. 

Whatever new task you set out to perform it may take you 3-5 steps, which is fine. If you are doing better than the day before or the previous step, then that is a win. The average I have seen ranges generally from 65%-80%. Why is that? The new excitement will always create a larger first step win. 

The next step ranges from 80% - 90%. At this point old habits start to creep back in thinking that the old way was working fine. STOP right there, efficiency numbers don't lie. You made an increase, so the new way is working, don't doubt yourself. 

Once 90% has been achieved the last jump might not always hit 100% but it is so close that small tweaks finish it off at this point.

Like a long run of dominoes standing up on end, one small step can create an effect in your life that can be ever changing towards a better direction for you and your life. By focusing on one important item daily and getting rid of all the static and multitasking around me I find I have more time in the day and accomplish more than ever before. I also take notice that as issues arise, I have more time to think them through thoroughly and look how I can adapt them to better myself or my business. 

I challenge you to reflect and see how you can change your life right now for the better with this same process. Get rid of one efficiency thief today and you will make your life easier and more fluid. 

For me it was backing off big time from frivolous Facebook scanning. Yours might be Instagram, Twitter, or some other platform. This one item has been creating so much static in my life while thinking the entire time I'm multitasking through it that I didn't realize how much disturbance it was creating. By changing this, it has left me with not just minutes but hours daily to focus on the major things that matter most in my business and life. I once again have started to better prioritize items and time in my life by understanding what is urgent and what is important. 

Whatever you choose to pick do it today you will see that by applying yourself to this one change in your life will see how things flow more evenly and how your focus for the things that really matter will increase. 


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