Everything You Need to Know About Asking for a Raise
If you are not having yearly reviews at work, now is the time to start. My lovely wife has worked at places that did not do yearly reviews until she started working for a company. She wanted to know how she was doing and have the opportunity to make sure her compensation gets adjusted yearly.  

There a couple of things you need to do to prepare yourself and your boss/owner.
  1. Put together a list of all the positive praise you've received in the last year. This list should be from your boss/ owner, colleagues or clients.
  2. Go for a hard number - How has the company or department benefited from your work?
  3. Did your team play a role in increased sales?
  4. Did you bring in new clients and keep good existing clients? 
  5. Consider what you will be bringing to the team this coming year.
  6. How are you going to grow the company?
  7. Think about why your boss will want to give you a raise.
  8. Produce a real number.
  9. Ask at a great time - consider your timing, did your coworker just ask, is there a hiring freeze etc.
  10. Don't sell yourself short - practice in a mirror or role play with a friend or family member.
Need additional help reach out to Marvin Ray I would be happy to give you a hand.


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