Why People Don’t Leave Jobs They Hate
They Don’t Know What Their Passion Is
Some people find their way into jobs that they’re qualified for, or even good at, without ever really being excited about them. I ask this question to everyone I meet and less than 50% really know what their passion is.

 It’s hard for me to understand as when I was 14, I knew I wanted to be in the automotive repair arena. At 62 I have no regrets. I can’t understand why people don’t leave jobs they hate. To wake up each morning and feel like it’s a chore is a horrible way to live.
I do understand as there was a time, I had that job where every time my new manager called, I got that wrenching feeling in my stomach, it’s horrible and its not healthy. But like everything it worked its way out for me when she got let go. I loved what I was doing but was just not happy about who I was all of a sudden doing it with.
While it can be a smart move for your career to get a big name or impressive project on your CV, staying in a job you aren’t truly passionate about will lead to your career stagnating. You need to find that job that ignites you when you talk about it, that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning not being able to do what you love doing the most.
Taking time to discover what it is that you want to do is the first step to having a career that makes you excited to go to work.
Don’t be Afraid to Change Your Field or Industry
After working in particular field for a long time, it can be daunting to change to a new one. You may not have experience, you may not have much practical knowledge, and your network may not be helpful anymore.
But changing to a new industry gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, while still utilizing everything you learned at your last job. You didn’t have any experience or knowledge before you started your career, and you still succeeded, overcoming challenges, and learning how to do the job. I can’t understand why people don’t leave jobs they hate when they can do this and experience a whole new dimension in happiness.
You’re Overly Attached to The Job You Have
Loyalty is an admirable trait but staying at a job because you feel obligated to won’t help your career or make you any happier. Some people get so invested in a job because they’re working towards a promotion or they’ve just spent so much time there that they struggle to imagine leaving, even if they knew it would make them happier.
It’s important to remember that you don’t owe your job anything, and that staying in a bad job will only make you miserable. Your happiness comes first.
The New Job May Not Be Enough Money
For some people, money is the most important factor in taking a new job. If a great new position doesn’t give a raise in salary, or worse, offers less money, people may turn it down even if the new job is better.
But in the long-term, a job with better connections or opportunities for progression could be a short-cut to an even higher salary.
Afraid of Failure
Starting a new job is scary, and everyone is always afraid they won’t be any good at it. But we always underestimate what we’re capable of and can surprise ourselves when put in a new environment. Starting a new job is a great opportunity to challenge yourself, grow, and learn what you’re truly capable of. Some technicians are afraid to open their own business, yet most shops today did exactly that. Let us help you with that. Take the jump and experience what others are experience.
Afraid Of Joining a New Team
One of the best parts of any job is being part of a team that supports you. This can be difficult to leave, both professionally and personally, as we often form close ties with people we work with over time.
But starting a new job means you get to join an entirely new team, meet new people, and work together. You’ll be bringing skills this new team is lacking and will help them do things they couldn’t have done before you joined.
Afraid Of Relocating
I can’t understand why people don’t leave jobs they hate when some job opportunities are perfect: they offer a great salary, have clear progression, are for a company you’ve always wanted to work for.
But they’re in a different state away from family.
This is a large hurdle to clear, and for some the move just seems too much.
But moving to a new state can be a fantastic opportunity not only for professional growth, but personal growth as well. Experiencing a new area can be enriching and rewarding, and the new job can open up doors thanks to its location.
At Mechanic Alliance, we get it sometimes these hurdles can be to much. If you even have a spark of an idea to make such a move reach out and let’s, see how we can help you with your next endeavor.
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