Eighty Six Thousand Four Hundred
What are you doing with your 86,400 seconds today?

1. Are you focusing on what you can control
There’s so much going on around you, both in your workplace and out in the world. It can be overwhelming to think about the myriad of things that we’re all dealing with and the doom and gloom that can be brought on by things we can’t control.
This is why it’s so important to focus on what you can control: your effort, your activity, your attitude, and to make sure you’re not wasting too much time worrying about things that you can’t change. Turn off the news, limit social media, and focus on you and your activity.
2. Are you following a plan 
Without a plan, you’re basically just hoping for things to work themselves out. Without a plan, you’ll be at the mercy of whatever happens to you daily, ceding your control to greater forces that (often) come with quite a bit of negativity. Not having a plan would be like not having any idea on where your workplace is located. Yes, somedays we wish we really didn’t know that.
Build a plan, even a simple one, do your best to follow it. Reverse engineer your goals, breaking them down into daily, weekly, monthly, activities. Will things change? Of course, they will but if you continue to stay with the plan, you will see how easy it is for when things change you jump right back on track after the slight detour continuing with your plan. If you modify your plan and continue working on it, you’ll likely still come ahead.
3. Are you considering your successes 
We tend to be extremely hard on ourselves, focusing on things that have gone wrong, and on our failures, rather than the things we’ve done correctly. Look at the wins you have made and keep them in your mind not the failures or missed goals.
4. Are you taking care of your health
While stressful situations tend to push us toward instant gratification, if you want to increase your chances of staying positive day in and day out, you need to take care of your health, both mentally and physically.
This means getting enough rest, eating healthier meals, limiting the consumption of too much negative media, and using your vacation days or weekends to recharge your batteries. Yes, it does take effort to keep yourself healthy, but it’s a lot more costly to go in the other direction, no matter what. The older you will get the worse your health will be. Take care of it now!
5. Are you surrounding yourself with positive people 
If the only people you talk to have a negative outlook, then it’s a lot more likely they’ll drag you down, rather than you lifting them up. You only have 86,400 seconds in a day that you never get back, make each one count. This is why it’s so important to stay away from negative people in the workplace, since some people have a problem for every solution.
Instead, make sure you surround yourself with people who believe in, and support, your dreams, since achieving them will take a long time, require a lot of work, and come with some very long, unpleasant days.
This doesn’t mean you can’t expose yourself to all points of view, but when it comes to the people you talk to throughout the day, make sure they’re people who are getting you closer to your goals, not further away from them.
6. Are you reminding yourself of “why you are doing it” 
At the end of the day, there needs to be a reason why you’re willing to put up with the negativity, rejection, and seemingly insurmountable challenges that come with a successful career. Everybody’s “why” will be different, whether it’s early retirement, a better life for your family, a chip on your shoulder, or just the thrill of the chase.
But no matter what it is, you not only need a “why,” but you also need to remember it, especially on difficult days. Tying your reasons for doing what you’re doing to your activity can lift you up, keep you motivated, and brighten your mood. And in the challenging world, you need all the positivity you can get, especially if you want to win big.


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