Aaron Marion
National Training Director
Aaron is a Euro guy specializing in Porsche and diagnostic procedures. He has an incredible talent for teaching and writing, you'll see him writing our great blog for Mechanic Alliance as well as in Live and Virtual Training events. 

David Marks
David Marks - I’ve been in Automotive since the late 90s and am a graduate of Ranken Technical College. I have experience working in Dealerships, Box Stores, Independent Shops, Auto Value Bumper Bumper Distributor. I started my business in my Backyard Garage 2010 working part time. 2011 I went full time in the backyard. In 2013 I got my dealers license.  In 2016 I tried to get a loan to move out of my house and I got told NO! I then worked with SCORE to learn how to be a business owner, not just a backyard mechanic. April 2019 I opened my brick and mortar, a 3 bay shop. Now I have 3 full time employees! I moved reconditioned used cars back to the backyard garage.  I’m passionate about helping other techs who want to own their own business!  

Travis Schroer
Mentorship Director
Travis comes to us as a skilled service technician, lead technician, shop foreman and manager with 18+ years of experience in the industry. Travis has the same ambition of helping our industry but with a passion to help the new blood coming into our industry.  

Haakan Light
TopDon Support and Training
Haakan has spent over 15 years of his professional career in the automotive industry, certified as a service advisor, parts specialist and technician. Haakan also spent over 5 years working for Identifix in several roles: Bosch technical hotline, training, taking hotline calls and providing support to the other hotline staff as an information resource specialist. He also worked at Garage Gurus as a Technical Product Specialist and Trainer. His passions include using advanced diagnostic equipment such as an oscilloscope and thermal imager. He started the Automotive Technician Roundtable Event which is held 2x a month over Google Meet and designed to help technicians of ALL levels share and learn through case studies. He also has his own website: shotgundiagnostics.org where you can view previous sessions of the roundtable. Haakan currently works for Topdon USA as the Training and Development Manager. He enjoys helping other technicians and exploring the puzzles of modern vehicle failures. 

Brian Feeley
Digital Marketing and SEO 
I started my career in the Automotive Industry as a tire and lube technician at a local regional tire shop. This is where my love for the industry began. Over the course of the next 10 years I ended up working for myself as a mobile auto technician. This is when I developed a knack and a love for marketing and the business side of the auto repair industry. I launched a Digital Marketing and SEO agency tailored for automotive shops of all kinds and now my focus is on helping other shop owners and bettering the industry in the process.  

Tim Janello
Associate Professor from Southern Illinois University
Tim Janello is the Associate Professor at Southern Illinois University and published author and editor for Undercar Digest, Motor Age and MD Publication's Show power Conventions. Tim has over 50 years of experience in the automotive and transportation industry. Tim has worked on everything from classic and modern cars to over the road trucks and even heavy mining equipment. With 10 years of shop ownership, and over 27 years of teaching experience Tim has done it all. Tim brings his experience to Mechanic Alliance Foundation to help you further your career.

Zach Zelenak
Regional Trainer
Zach brings to the table years of diagnostic experience. He is one of the best diagnostic technicians you will find. Always looking to help better another technician. He has recently opened his own shop and works hand in hand with the training team to bring you out of the box training. He will be overseeing training in the state of Texas as well as building training curriculum for national classes. 

David Swensen
Co-Founder of Mechanic Alliance
Dave is the resident engineer on the team. His 40+ Years of experience in the industry and analytical eye makes him a great asset with diagnostics and the business side of helping our members. Look for him at Las Vegas Motor Speedway where he's a tech official often seen going through cars making sure they're safe for the track!

Marvin Ray
Co-Founder of Mechanic Alliance
Marvin Ray is one of the Co-Founders of Mechanic Alliance Foundation and My Certified Mechanic. Marv is well known for his nation wide training efforts with Grease Monkey International, Big O tires, and the state of Utah. He brings nearly 50 years of experience and specializes in advanced diagnostic procedures and shop ownership. Marv continues to put his experience to use in bringing great training resources to teach the next generations of automotive technicians.

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