Mentorship with Travis Schroer
FREE WORKSHOP: Learn steps to working in a shop and becoming a great technician in the automotive industry.

What You'll Learn
Have The Desire?

If you like working on cars and have been told it's not for you, let us help you decide if that's the truth. With a combined 135+ years of experience at Mechanic Alliance we know what it takes to fill the future with top technicians like yourself. 

Dreams Start Here!

Your mentor (along with Mechanic Alliance) will help you move out of where you currently are to a much better paying position in the automotive industry. This ins when you decide what you want to become and together, we all build your dream right here.

Become Certified 

Having some sort of certification with hands on experiences means a lot to a shop owner. Of course, just because you can pass a test does not mean you will be a world class technician. With our Mentorship Program we help you learn proper procedures. 

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