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Are you looking to become more efficiency and how to bill your consumers properly without charging for items truly needed? Is your diagnostic efficiency 112%-117% and are you charging for it? Ready to understand the back end of your shop better?

Having a problem finding, training or keeping technicians or service writers? We can help! We helped a 20-group dealership with one of our service writer members in understanding their issues. He changed moral and re-energized their techs along with building shop efficiency from an average of 65% to over 100% in one month. He now has moved up to an assistant manager at another location to grow it as well. These are the people we will find for you.  

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Included in the business owner’s package for only $895 yearly:
  • Two hours of consultation at no charge to see what type of team members you are looking for and help with your business structure
  • Two virtual technical training classes per year for one of your team members ($298 value)
  • 20% off all - Virtual training and on-site training
  • Discounts on TopDon scanners and ADAS systems, Identifix and more...
Access to the Mechanic Alliance dedicated Business Owner’s Training Vault worth in excess of $1,000
  • Employee Retention
  • Business Planning
  • Funding a Business
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Many other HR related concerns
Preferred rates with our affiliate partners
  • TopDon
  • Identifix
  • Pichler Tools
  • Business insurance
  • Worker Compensation
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Operating Capital

Let's talk and make sure you are a shop that takes care of their team. Email us to set up an appointment to talk with our team members.

I tell my guys this industry has a shady reputation and it is our job to fix it, everyday

Kory Rozema, Rozema Car Care


Kory Rozema - Rozema's Car Care
Listen to Kory and his experience with Mechanic Alliance!

We can help, here's how!

As a shop owner, you know how difficult it can be to find good technicians and the right info at the right time. Mechanic Alliance wants to make it easy for you by helping you find great technicians and to help you get the information you need tackle anything. We want to help you grow your technicians, and your business. 

If you're serious about helping your techs improve, and we know you  are, we have included the Service Writer and the  3 Part Diagnostic Strategies courses you help train your techs. We believe in the philosophy of Test, not Guess to get to the root of the problem every time and to avoid the parts cannon that costs your customers far more that it needs to. Those courses alone are nearly a $200 value and are included with the package for Business Owners!

Still want more? Inside the Diagnostic Strategies course, you'll find the My Certified Mechanic diagnostic sheet that gives you the step by step guide to getting to the bottom of the problem. 

The Mechanic Alliance team is here to help you every step of the way. We offer services that include everything from streamlining your operation, building a business plan to help you stay on the right track, and marketing in this modern era of digital and social media marketing.  There's even a tech phone line to help you work through those difficult issues that need some more brain power. Mechanic Alliance has your back every step of the way!

Join the Alliance helping change the industry for on $895 annually! Have multiple shop locations? We can help you there with a discount on multiple locations. 

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You can reach out to us and we can set up a meeting to help you determine that this is the right move for you!

How we helped a tech turn around a service department at a 20 store dealership.
"Back in May I reached out to Marvin Ray, Eric Snow and Dave Swensen for some help. The shop I was writing at was suffering from massive efficiency issues. 
So much so that the upper management had turned to the dealer 20 group for help. I turned to Mechanic Alliance. Thru the help and advice, I received here from Marv and Eric, and Dave I worked with my service manager to come up with a plan and implement said plan. 
We saw almost immediate results after conferring with the techs and making changes based on valid concerns from the team in the shop. In one month, the numbers improved and moral improved. 
The change was quick enough the upper management is looking into changing pay plans for the techs. Upper management is still waiting on a plan of action from the dealer 20 group. When asked about the change my service manager pointed to me and the plan we worked on as the reason. 
So as of the first of July, I was promoted to assistant service manager and moved into a store that does need help. I couldn’t have done this without help from Marv and Eric and Dave. I’ve always said self-reflection is the hardest thing to do and I knew going into this that it would be required. But they helped by coming up with ideas on how to restore moral in the shop and re-energize the techs. 
Thanks again you guys helped me out when I needed it and because of it I earned a promotion and a chance to help others make more money and help others get better at what they do." – David B.

If you still have questions, we can help you determine if this is the right move for you! Reach out to us and we can set up a time to meet together and develop a plan to help you succeed! The emails for the team are listed below.

Marvin Ray - co-founder of Mechanic Alliance - mray@mechanicalliance.com
Dave Swensen - co-founder of Mechanic Alliance and business strategist - dswensen@mechanicalliance.com
Eric Snow - Marketing Director - esnow@mechanicalliance.com

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