Battery Chargers and Service
Modern Diagnostics require more amperage than ever before and these current demands mean that you'll need a tool to provide the current so the battery doesn't need to work as hard. The Topdon line of chargers and maintainers is intended to deliver the current needs that modern cars require. 


The Tornado90000 is TOPDON’s newest professional-grade smart charger.  It Offers improved capabilities; this device is suitable for all types of 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries, with a wide battery capacity ranging from 20Ah to 2800Ah.

The Tornado90000 works as an ECU Programming Voltage Stabilizer, has built-in temperature sensors and 6 programmable charging modes. Superior functionality expands your auto shop’s capabilities, letting you do more than ever before.  


6 Charging modes,adjustable current and voltage
ECU Programming voltage stabilizer
Large power bank
9-step Smart Charging
Dual Temperature Monitoring for Safety In Every Element
Technical Specifications

Input Voltage: 100-130V or 200-240V
Output Current: 12V 5-90A 24V 5-45A
Charging Mode: 12V/24V Mode: SUP/NORM/COLD/BOOST/REP
Applicable Batteries: 20-2800Ah
Clip Type: 1 Pole Clamp
AC Cable Length: 5ft 10 in cable with AWG18# Input
Clip Cord Length: Positive AWG4#, 2.2m, Negative AWG4#, 2.2m
Air-cooled, built-in fan


The Tornado30000 is an upper-mid-level smart charger made for personal or commercial use, repair stations, and more. It can revive 6V, 12V, and 24V lead-acid batteries as well as 12V/24V lithium batteries.

This device supports a range of battery capacities from 50Ah to 1000Ah.
With a 9-step smart charging method and 12 charging modes, the Tornado30000 provides unparalleled protection and charging capabilities for its users.


9-step smart charging
New Supply Mode To Keep You Powered Up
One Charger Does It All
Powerful and Efficient Performance for The Unexpected
Work in Any Climate
Even more protection


Input Voltage: 100-240V
Output Current: 
12V30A; 24V15A; 6V15A; 12V10A
Charging Mode: 12V30A(NORM/LI/REP); 24V15A(NORM/COLD/LI/REP); 6V15A(NORM/REPAIR); SUPPLY 12V30A/24V15A; 12V10A(NORM)
Applicable Batteries: 50-1000Ah
AC Cable Length: 2m, Input AWG18#
Charging Clamp Length: Positive AWG10#, 2.2m; 
Negative AWG10#, 2.2m
Working Temperature: 
-10℃~40℃ (14℉~104℉)
Storage Temperature: 
-20℃~75℃ (-4℉~167℉)
Protection Rating: 
IP20; Fan Cooled
335 x 160 x 78 mm (13.18 x 6.29 x 3.07")
Net Weight: 
2800g (6lb)

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