Does Flat Rate Bother You Because You Don't Understand Theory?
If you think using any type of forum or software or YouTube is making you a better tech you need to rethink your future goals and being in this industry. First off, do you truly understand Ohm’s Law? Next, if you are having to learn everything in the bay this is costing you and the shop a lot of money. I will tell you it is those who go to conferences, training, take all classes available to them and study theory along with taking ASE tests are the ones that are TRULY getting the respect and the money today.

When I graduated from Utah Trade Tech years ago, I went into the automotive field to work. After 6 months I was telling everyone, I had learned more in 6 months than I had in 2 years and the Tech. Many years later I realized what a really stupid statement that was. It was the prior 2 years of understanding theory that got me to where I was.
If I had taken someone who had been in the industry working those two years and six months I would have cleaned his clock every time because of what I had learned. This education stays with you the rest of your life, it makes you more effective, efficient, and precise in what you do every day, that is why some of us still stand by flat rate today because we know and understand the theory and can kill it on flat rate time. 

Everyone knows that I’m for the technicians out there but let me be clear on something that gets batted around all the time, ASE. Yes, I said ASE. 

I get that some of us (I included are not good at taking tests) I get that some feel that just because you can take a test doesn’t mean you can fix a car, I get that too, but here is what you are missing: 
1 The customer you want that has the money looks for some sort of certification, whether it be dealer, parts store, training company ASE etc. Having no certifications does NOT build your business value or technician value. This is one of the many reasons you may be getting the bottom feeder customer. 
2. The knowledge YOU get (yes, I said you) from taking any test, including ASE helps you understand the theory or processes much better. This is not about pointing fingers at others; this is about you! Quit worrying about the other tech take care of yourself first.
3. If you think your on-car knowledge is great now, I guarantee you would be even BETTER if you had taken tests and training to understand even deeper the theory and processes in our industry. Hell, I would go to a basic electrical class tonight if offered in my area. Why? Because that instructor may give me a better way to explain it to others or help in some other way. 

The minute you think you know it all you are done and will be that tech we all talk about. 
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